Meet the Travelwise Team


Gary Martin cropped 10

Gary Martin – Senior Travel Advisor

Gary is a highly trained travel specialist with over 30 years experience in retail travel. Having gained a MSc degree in tourism Gary joined the family firm in the 1980’s and over the years has amassed a vast knowledge of the retail travel industry. Gary is widely travelled having taken some 25+ cruises. He has also visited the USA, Peru, South Africa to name but a few so he is well placed to offer good, sound advise when you come to book your next holiday.

Christian Gleave – Chief Executive

Christian, our Chief Executive and main shareholder has over 25 years’ business and leisure travel experience, having been brought up within the family travel business.

Passionate about travel he has travelled extensively throughout the world. Nowadays with a young family in tow he takes particular interest in researching what is available for parents with young families. He is a firm believer in ensuring that all clients receive excellent service from the Travelwise team.

Favourite places visited include: USA, Maldives, Mexico, Spain and New York.

Steve Blows – Director

Steve is a Director of the Company and first started work in travel in 1971 as a trainee. Over the years he has built up a knowledge base of hotels and places that is second to none within the industry. Steve is always available for advice and is always happy to help with recommendations.

He is a great believer in doing good research before deciding on a place to holiday. He says “once you get there it’s too late to change your mind”, so research thoroughly is his mantra.

Favourite places visited include:.


One of the most diverse and multicultural countries in the world. Full of colour, great food and extremely good value for money.


Idyllic beaches and great weather. There is nowhere to compare for a total chill-out holiday.

Venice and Rome

These two cities should be on everyone’s ‘bucket list’ of places to see. From the stunning architecture, paintings and literature to the music and fine dining, you will not be disappointed. As spectacular as both these cities are though, they do come at a price.

John Mills – Director

John is the third member of the Board and has held a number of high-profile senior positions in diverse industries including travel, retailing, the sports industry and consultancy.

Having travelled extensively throughout his career and holidayed on most continents, including visiting over 40 different countries, is he well able to give good impartial advice on many places worldwide. He has recently become a convert to cruising and is well positioned to help if you have questions about this style of holiday.

Favourite places visited include: Thailand, Dubai, Las Vegas, Austria and Skiathos.

Peter and Vicenta Gleave – Consultants

Vicenta, the original founder of the company in 1964, was joined two years later by her husband Peter who, before marrying Vicenta, had travelled extensively in the United States, where he had developed his love of travel. Since then the husband and wife team have spent their whole working lives in travel. Before Travelwise International, Vicenta was a bi-lingual airport representative at Manchester airport and also worked as an overseas rep for Gaytours back in the 60′s.

Having handed control of the business to their son Christian back in the 1990′s Peter & Vicenta are retained as consultants so that they can continue to look after many long standing clients. They also have a wealth of travel experiences which they are happy to impart to anyone who needs advice and help in making their holiday choices.

Favourite places visited include: Mexico, United States, China, South America, Europe and worldwide cruising.